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Elife Puma III

an electric bike with a powerful motor, large battery and red paint job. The electric bike is called Elife Puma

In 2020, the Elife "Puma" Electric Bike was tested by Din Side, and we are proud of the results. Read the full review of "Puma" here .
The Puma III product range is an upgrade of this electric bike.


NOK 44,000 or NOK 1,879/month for 24 months

About partial payment for up to 24 months:

Annual interest 0%, establishment fee NOK 497,, admin fee/month. NOK 45, divided over 24 months = NOK 1,879 / month, credit cost NOK 1,577. Total amount NOK 45,577.

welcome abord

With a neat steering layout, ergonomic handles and a clear screen

increases comfort along the way so that you can take the scenic route with pleasure.

a section of an electric bicycle seen from above. The section shows the handlebars and part of the frame of the electric bicycle. The e-bike is red and is called Elife Puma
a section of the frame of an electric bicycle, where you can see the engine developed in Norway from the side. The engine is called Bafang M600S and the electric bike is called Elife Puma

Self-developed engine


The M600S engine is designed to level any steep hill.

Software is optimized to give you extreme power on one

comfortable way. The algorithm we have developed provides a soft

power access with extra punch when you need it.

Puma II gray drivechain.JPG

Great exchange


Massive exchange for extreme challenges. With full 11-52T cassette

are you prepared for both the steepest

hills and high speed on the country road.

A section of the frame of a silver-grey electric bicycle named Elife Puma
the sturdy luggage carrier for an electric bike called Elife Puma. The picture is taken from above.

Automatic lights and solid luggage carrier

A solid luggage carrier is important when loading your e-bike with bags,   children and cargo. The lights switch on automatically in the dark so that you are always   visible in traffic.

We care about the details


The frames are cast with extra stock to ensure a solid carbon frame. You will find no welding points or edges in our seamless design .

Technical specifications

Motor - Bafang/Elife M600S, 115N.m, 250w nominell

Derailleur - Sram SX

Bremser - Sram Level

Batteri - Elife 840Wh Panasonic

Kassett - Sram SX 11 / 52T

Hendel - Sram SX

Krank - 38T 

Dempegaffel - Elife, 120mm vandring

Ramme - Elife Puma III, Toray karbonfiber

Dekk - Maxxis 27,5 x 2,4"

Stem - UNO Justerbart stem 60°

Håndtak - Ergon eller Giant ergonomiske

Lykter - Foran og bak som trekker strøm fra elsykkelens batteri

Skjermer - heldekkende foran og bak

Lasteevne - rytter 130kg, bagasjebærer 25kg

Fargevalg - Hvit krom / Blodrød / Saffirblå

Str. - M ( 165 - 180cm)  / L (180 -195cm)

Puma II daily.jpg
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