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Ballonger som flyter i luften

We are 7 years old on 30.04:)

You may not know who we are and what we do, so here is a bit of our background story.

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Why did we start with electric bikes:
7 years ago, we opened our first store located at Sinsen in Oslo.
One of the main reasons why we started with electric bikes is that we were young, none of us had a license plate and there was a big steep hill up to where we lived at Grefsen. There were no sidewalks in the area where we lived, the bus came every half hour, so if you missed it you just stood there and waited....
The first thing we thought of was that electric bikes would be the best fit for us, but at the time there was practically only one shop selling electric bikes that cost NOK 40-50,000. We had just finished our education and it was becoming far too expensive for us.
Sindre's father is an electronic engineer, and he saw that an electric bicycle is just an ordinary bicycle with a motor and battery. We therefore ordered a self-designed frame, battery from eBay from America, motor kit from Bafang from China and finally the demo version of Harmony was ready.
We used the bikes for about a year ourselves and received lots of attention and compliments during that time. People stopped us while we parked: ''What kind of bikes are these?'' ''Where can I buy these? '' ''I will buy one from you if you sell them in Norway'' etc.
Since we had just finished our education, we thought: ''Why not!'' Then, with the help of my mother and Sindre's father and a couple of months of planning, Elife Elsykler opened the shop on 30/04/2016. We were lucky enough that our first customer was standing outside our store before we
   The story starts from th ere, but we will write more here when we have time :) #T ob econtinued


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